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Let Her Inspire You

Family Fun

Let Her Inspire You

Family Fun

Saint Lucia is a dream vacation for adults and kids alike! There are plenty of family activities in Saint Lucia on the land and in the cool, clear sea. Watch your toddler feel sand for the first time as their toes touch the beach, or hold on tight as the whole family ziplines through the jungle. Grab your sunblock and your sense of adventure, because you’re on your way to create amazing family memories.

Relax and Play With Some Beach Activities

Family fun in Saint Lucia starts on the beach. From building simple sand castles to sea shell gathering expeditions, there’s plenty to do on the coast for kids of all ages. As your kids get older, they can start to explore the ocean and play in the waves as they roll on to shore.

If your children are interested in marine biology, take them to Anse Chastanet Beach, which is one of the best shallow water snorkeling locations in the country. The area around it is roped off from boaters, keeping the water calm and safe for people who want to swim. There are dozens of other hotspots around the island to snorkel around and explore the bright, tropical fish of the area.

Head Out on the Water for More Adventures

If you’re looking for more family fun in Saint Lucia on the water, then board a boat. There are a variety of ways you can explore the island just off shore while your family gets their sea legs.

Board a pirate ship and sail the seven seas, or at least the Caribbean sea, on a quest to find the 20 species of whales and dolphins that live in these waters. Check out SNUBA Doo for a kid-friendly experience that is similar to scuba diving and snorkeling, or grab a fishing rod and teach your kids the art of hooking and reeling. There’s plenty to see above and below the surface as you get to know the island’s natural wildlife.

Explore the Rainforest

After the beach, get out of the sun for a day and enjoy a cool respite from the coast by heading into the island’s tropical rainforest. You can take a guided hike through the jungle, where local nature experts will point out Saint Lucia’s native plant and animal life. You can also explore this part of the rainforest by bike or on horseback.

If you want to get a little higher up, head into the canopy with a ziplining excursion or rope bridge walk. This gives families a chance to see some of the brightly-colored birds native to the island while getting a rush of adrenaline as they fly through the air.

There are dozens of different family activities in Saint Lucia that your family will love. The memories you make on this trip will last a lifetime, and your kids will beg you to take them back to the island so you can snorkel and zipline as a family once again.