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Cox and Company – SNUBA Doo Tour

Name: Cox and Company - SNUBA Doo Tour
Address: Pigeon Island and Soufriere
Phone: (758) 456-5020
Location: Soufriere

Visit Website: Click Here

Cox and Company – SNUBA Doo Tour

Snuba is the ultimate happy-medium for those wanting to go beyond snorkeling without the training and concerns associated with a deep dive. Under the supervision of certified Snuba guides, divers can intimately explore exotic marine life from a fully guided and safe perspective. The tour begins from a gently sloping sandy beach and descends to a maximum depth of 20 feet. After a brief pre-dive orientation that includes the dive guidelines and regulations, divers are encouraged to proceed to depths according to their individual level of comfort. Whether they opt to cruise at the surface or descend to the maximum depth, there is no need to surface for air or to tussle with bulky equipment.