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Let Her Inspire You

Romantic Possibilities Everywhere

Pristine beaches, unforgettable snorkeling and top resorts in the Caribbean

As you explore Saint Lucia, you are sure to discover romance around every corner. Visitors can sign up for sunset cruises or private beachside dining experiences with champagne and delicious seafood dishes. Many tours are eager to accommodate special requests for proposals or special moments to show your love.

At the end of the day, curl up in one of the top hotels or resorts in the Caribbean. Your hotel staff can help you celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other events with your special someone. Come for the pristine beaches and unforgettable snorkeling, but stay to enjoy the Caribbean’s culinary highlights and to dance the Quadrille long into the night.

Set Up the Perfect Proposal

Have you found the one? Are you ready to ask for their hand in marriage and begin your lives together? There are few better places to pop the question than on Saint Lucia. Talk to your hotel concierge or your tour guide to create the perfect proposal experience.

Set up a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach where you can tell them how you feel, or head out on a hike through the rainforest to propose with the Pitons in the background. Saint Lucia romance is all over the island, helping you set the mood for an intimate proposal.


UPON ARRIVAL, the splendor of Saint Lucia is sure to inspire romance. (Of course, hidden waterfalls, sunset catamaran cruises and our chocolate have been known to add a little something something.)

Create An Unforgettable Destination Wedding

Saint Lucia is an incredibly popular destination wedding location, which means our local wedding planners have decades of experience between them. Whether you want to elope and hold a small ceremony with a few people, or want to bring all of your friends and family to the Caribbean, we can help. Regardless of your size and budget, our local planners can create a romantic experience for your nuptials.

A Saint Lucia wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be on the beach. There are a variety of other locations you can choose from to make your ceremony memorable. A few of these include:

  • In front of cascading waterfalls
  • Overlooking dramatic cliffs on mountain tops
  • Within historical parks and forts
  • Inside a variety of churches and religious buildings of various faiths
  • On a boat overlooking the islands iconic Pitons

Don’t limit your imagination to planning a beachside ceremony. While these weddings are incredibly romantic and beautiful, they aren’t for everyone, and the island offers so much more.

Embark on a Romantic Honeymoon

Saint Lucia is a romantic Caribbean destination for honeymooners as well. These couples are ready to shed the stress of wedding planning and spend some time getting to know each other. From romantic honeymoon suites in our local resorts to special couples excursions, there are plenty of opportunities to start the marriage off on a wonderful foot.

Saint Lucia isn’t just for newlyweds, either. Some people visit the island to celebrate their first, fifth, tenth, and even twentieth wedding anniversary. They either return to the island because it is where they tied the knot, or because it holds a special meaning in their hearts. For others, it is their first time on the island to do something special to mark this momentous occasion.

Whatever you are celebrating, you are sure to find that Saint Lucia romance sets the mood for you and your significant other. We have dozens of resources to create the perfect moment for you to tell your special someone how you feel.